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Europe's leading faience manufacturer, a symbol of elegance and french Arts of living.

The Gien Faïencerie is first established in 1821 in Gien in the Loire Valley, at the heart of France.

Two centuries of craftsmanship go into the making of this premium quality Faïence.
Traditional crafting techniques are still in practice and are inherent to an outstanding level of excellence.
The Gien Faïencerie still controls, to this day, the entire making process of its goods, from sourcing raw materials to making clay paste and slip, to turning out the finished product.

Now, 200 years since the Company was founded, the Faïencerie de Gien is a jewel in the crown of decorative arts, recognised the world over, and a member of the prestigious Colbert Committee, a group bringing together the major names in Luxury and French Art de Vivre.

The array of stunning colors and shapes, with 50 different patterns and over 3000 item references, ranging from plates to unique hand-painted pieces.
Patterns and shapes are created both from archive material and by promiment contemporary artists. Gien collections bring elegance to your table and are the ultimate gift. Gien, for many a happy moment spent together.

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