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Dali Perfume

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A restrained, mature rose oriental fragrance with subtle tangerine bitterness and a smooth, relaxed opening. Inspiration: brooch "The Eye of Time", created in 1949 as a gift to Gala Dali. The outer boundaries of the product are encrusted with diamonds, in the corner of the "eye" is a ruby ​​cabochon cut, and in the middle is a Swiss clockwork.

Voyage Onirique Du Papillon De Vie 100ml EDP

A bright composition with white flowers, noticeable tuberose and light citrus notes, stable over time. Inspiration: a golden cup "Chalice of Life" (1965), which symbolizes rebirth and transformation of the soul, and inspired by the Spanish chalice of St. Teresa of Avila.

Calice De La Seduction Eternelle 100ml EDP

An astringent pachouli chocolate fragrance with a classic heart from rose and ylang. Inspiration: brooch "Tristan and Isolde", made of gold, where male and female profiles form a cup with ruby ​​drink, a symbol of eternal love.

Melodie Du Cygne De La Main 100ml EDP

An amazing iris fragrance with doughy texture and delicate, melancholic lilac and violets. Inspiration: "Leaf veined hand" (1949), inspired by the myth of the love of Zeus and Leda.

Fluidite Du Temps Imaginaire 100ml EDP

A recognizable floral-aquatic composition that opens by layers: from the futuristic to the sugar jasmine, tuberose and oily sandalwood. Inspiration: piece "The Persistence of Memory" (1949), version of the eponymous jewelry inspired by Salvador Dali's painting, made of gold, encrusted with diamonds and decorated with drops of black enamel.

Ma Muse 100ml EDP

Created by Amélie Bourgeois, this enchanting fragrance distills a sweet scent of grace and perfection. The heliotrope with powered and almond accents alongside tuberose, velvety jasmine and sensual vanilla orchid will tease the senses with pure delight. And then to bring Gala’s personality as a leading lady, this fragrance infuses notes of carnation – a flower known for its leathery and addictive notes.