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Inspiration: brooch "The Eye of Time", created in 1949 as a gift to Gala Dali. The outer boundaries of the product are encrusted with diamonds, in the corner of the "eye" is a ruby ​​cabochon cut, and in the middle is a Swiss clockwork.
Notes: Turkish rose, mandarin, American ambrette, cedar, musk

Struck by the piercing strength of the Dalinian eye, Alberto Morillas decided to

interpret it in this creation designed to tickle both the sight and spirit. “The eye of time”
inspires this bottle with its scintillating gaze, dazzling with endless beauty. It gives rise to an
elegant and mysterious sun-kissed fragrance that diffuses the precious and unique scent of a
graceful and noble Turkish rose, made captivating by the perfumer’s magic hand. South
American ambrette absolute claims its majestic place at the heart of the fragrance. Rare and
precious ambrette seeds were known as “musk seeds” by royal perfumers in the 18th
century, as their delicate scent also had a sensual and intimate dimension. Reserved for rare
fragrances, ambrette seeds are crushed and distilled to obtain ambrette butter, a waxy solid
that is then washed to yield an absolute with a floral, fruity and musky smell.
In a last carnal move, earth and wood come together at the base of this original
fragrance to transform our vision of the world into one of permanent enchantment.



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