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Fluidite Du Temps Imaginaire

Product Description

A recognizable floral-aquatic composition that opens by layers: from the futuristic to the sugar jasmine, tuberose and oily sandalwood.
Inspiration: piece "The Persistence of Memory" (1949), version of the eponymous jewelry inspired by Salvador Dali's painting, made of gold, encrusted with diamonds and decorated with drops of black enamel.
Notes: jasmine, bergamot, tuberose, saffron, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood

A favorite of the Dalinian iconography, the watch enhances the bottle and melts with
voluptuous nonchalance. Alberto Morillas makes an olfactory homage to the 1949 jewelry
piece “The persistence of memory”, created in gold and diamonds, to illustrate the fluidity
of imaginary time.
Radiant and sensual, this beautiful peridot green fragrance illustrates time in perpetual
movement, slipping away in life just as a fragrance glides over the skin, in total harmony. As
a sign of union between time and space, tuberose rises towards the sky and plunges its roots
deep into the earth. This flower, shaped like a long feather duster with its little white bell
flowers, is native to India and was brought to Europe in 1594 by a Spanish doctor.
Although it can be narcotic and heady, this gracious white flower takes on a joyful and
feminine character in this creation. Bergamot gives it an airy touch, while Sambac jasmine
dresses it in light. More solar than ever, Indian tuberose is paired with a woody note
composed of sandalwood and vanilla to which saffron adds a few leathery accents. Sensual
and languorous, this last accord gives a final touch of seduction to the trail for as long as
you can remember and until the end of time.

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