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Belle de Nuit PARFUM 30ml


Belle de Nuit is an original, deep rich harmony of flowers and fruit on a warm velvety bottom note of musk. A precious fragrance, as magical as an Arabian night!

Notes: Mirabilis, Ylang Ylang, Violet, Geranium, Rose, Plum, Musks, Wood

By the first smell of the perfume, it feels like a thirsty-quenching cure after a long night party, awaking from a garden filled with remarkable colours in sunrise. By the inhalation of abundant blessings from the elegant flower fragrances from the perfume, it takes your mind to a journey deep into a dream of whale's rider,  reconnecting the inside power and the pure joy of being yourself. In the end notes, it delivers an empoering message that there is always ample time for embracing the magic of everyday moment.

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